Technology has changed our everyday lives; smart phones, smart watches, tablets and self-driving cars are becoming the norm. Cutting-edge innovations in dentistry requires less time in the dental chair, decreases patient discomfort and creates very satisfying results for you.

Our single-visit solution, CEREC®, allows us to quickly restore damaged teeth with natural-coloured ceramic fillings, crowns, veneers and bridges, producing excellent care while saving patients time and money.  At Wellsford Dental our team of highly experienced dentists have undergone extensive training in CEREC dentistry to bring you the most advanced piece of dental technology available to you today.

The CEREC Crown Process

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What is (CEREC)?

CEREC or Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics is an innovative process. When you chose CEREC you have the most Innovative piece of technology utilizing German engineered CAD/CAM technology and milling to restore an aesthetically designed crown/veneer for you. When you need beautifully designed teeth restored in your mouth, consider visiting us at Wellsford Dental and work with our dentist specialising in CEREC.


Get back your smile and natural looking teeth, all within a single visit!

This process uses computer aided drawing software and three dimensional photography to help produce the porcelain restorations. This simplified approach prevents the patient from having to undergo multiple visits to the office. Instead, CEREC allows a convenient visit to your dentist in Wellsford and restore your smile quickly. CEREC has three decades of clinical research and documentation to support its technology, and restorations completed with CEREC have been proven to be very precise, safe and effective.

CEREC With Omnicam


CEREC offers natural-looking crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays that are compatible with tissue in the mouth, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant. The days of temporaries, messy impressions and waiting days for the lab to return the restoration are history. Cerec offers an easy option for crowning a tooth in one day, in just one visit.

See what others have to say about CEREC crowns, Watch the CEREC mall interview video.

CEREC utilizes materials that have a similar composition as your teeth. This allows them to function closely to natural teeth. This allows your teeth to evenly contract at an equal rate when consuming foods and drinks of different temperatures.

Traditional crowns are generally made of porcelain fused to metal, whereas CEREC crowns are made of porcelain (and a 100% metal free) which resembles and functions very closely to your natural teeth.



If you are looking for teeth replacement in one day, CEREC offers just that. There are a few benefits associated with CEREC when provided by your dentist at Wellsford Dental for a same day crown including:

  • A brand new smile the same day. Often in as little as 1 hour.
  • Capping teeth, replacing missing teeth and restoring teeth to natural beauty, function and strength using a 100% Metal-free restoration
  • In most cases the process is non-invasive and has the ability to save as much natural tooth structure as possible
  • Less painful injections due to single-visit
  • There is no need to take messy impressions
  • There is no need to have a temporary crown or fillings for in-between visits
  • Longer lasting restorations


Too Busy for Two Dental Visits? Cerec Same Day Crowns are for you.

At Wellsford Dental, we understand the difficulties our patients face with traditional crowns. Because your smile is as valuable as your time, we use one-visit crowns fabricated with CEREC. You need just one appointment for tooth preparation and placement of your permanent crown. Worldwide, a CEREC restoration is placed every 20 seconds, and patients love the ease and aesthetic perfection of Cerec made crowns. If you are looking for a dentist for dental crowns in Wellsford, Matakana, Mangawhai, Warkworth, Kaiwaka and other surrounding areas, you have come to the right place. We offer very competitive pricing and affordable crowns, this is because the dental crown is crafted for you in house, you can even watch the crown being milled in the CAD/CAM milling unit.

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When you visit us at Wellsford Dental, we can determine if a CEREC crown is right for you. We will take time to fully explain your options and answer any questions so you can make an informed decision regarding your treatment. Here, we go above and beyond  to ensure that you enjoy your visit to our office and that you have a positive dental experience. You will be greeted warmly with a smile and to make your experience as comfortable as possible we offer free Wi-Fi, TV, movies, music and magazines.

Any concerns regarding your anxiety towards dental treatment is taken very seriously by our dentists who will provide options and will discuss your concerns in detail with you, ensuring that you have a plan for treatment that is right for your specific needs.

If you are looking for a dentist for Same Day Crowns in Wellsford, Matakana, Mangawhai, Warkworth, Kaiwaka and other surrounding areas, you have come to the right place. We are experts at looking after you for all your dental needs.

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Before (Unsightly white filling)
Before (Unsightly white filling)
After Cerec Restoration
After Cerec Restoration (White filling restored with a Cerec crown)
Before (Broken Tooth)
Before (Broken Tooth)
After Cerec Restoration
After Cerec Restoration (Broken tooth restored by a cerec restoration)
Multiple cerec restorations before
Before (Multiple amalgam fillings)
Multiple cerec restorations after
After Cerec Restoration (Multiple amalgam fillings now restored with tooth coloured Cerec restorations)
Before (Heavily filled tooth)
Before (Heavily filled tooth)
After Cerec Restoration
After Cerec Restoration (Heavily filled tooth now protected with Cerec Onlays)
Veneers before
Before(Broken front tooth)
After Cerec Restoration
After Cerec Restoration (Broken front tooth restored with a Cerec veneer)


In the past, or in offices where CEREC is not used, if a patient needed a crown (a cap over a problem tooth) or a partial crown, it took at least two visits separated by two weeks to fix. The first visit took 1 ½ hours to shape the tooth and take a gooey impression that was then sent to an external laboratory for preparing the crown. The patient will require a temporary crown until the final crown is ready to be fitted, usually a two week wait. The second visit was another hour to remove the temporary, clean things up, and glue the restoration onto the tooth. At Wellsford Dental, we use CEREC to take a digital impression with a camera wand and then design, fabricate and install the restoration in one appointment. No second appointment, no temporaries, no sticky impressions … done!

  • Defective filling and any tooth decay removed – 20 minutes
  • A small camera painlessly takes an optical 3D image of the cavity – 5 minutes
  • Designing your new tooth on screen – 10 – 20 minutes
  • Milling of the image data remote from the patient  – 15 minutes
  • The new restoration is fitted, bonded with a unique light and polished – 20 – 30 minutes
  • Estimated total time – 70 – 90 minutes

CEREC reconstructions are typically a little less expensive than conventional restorations. Huge time savings are made as everything is done in one visit, with no need to make separate appointments and wait for your new tooth.

Your new tooth can exactly match your existing teeth, we have various colour grades of ceramic to choose from. The ceramic material enables light to pass through it, in a similar way to your natural teeth. Your new tooth will look perfectly natural.

CEREC was developed by Dr Werner Moermann and Dr Markus Brandistini in 1985 at the University of Zürich in Switzerland. Since this time CEREC has undergone continuous technical and clinical developments. CEREC is one of the most advanced products in the world of dentistry with over six million restorations worldwide. Worldwide, a CEREC restoration is placed every 20 seconds, and patients love the ease and aesthetic perfection of CEREC made crowns.

We are very proud to be the only practice offering the Cerec Omnicam to mill a same day crown in the North Auckland area and one among a growing number of dentists in New Zealand offering this advanced technology.

Our dentists have been extensively trained to create aesthetically perfect restorations using CEREC. Training is conducted at Auckland by certified Sirona CEREC experts. Continuing education is held in Sydney at the Sirona Centre for Dentistry, Australia. The Sirona Centre for Dentistry is a dental technology training and education centre, comprising a 20 station simulation clinic for hands-on training with four fully functional surgeries, digital dental laboratory, 2D/3D X-ray and more, all taking training and education to another level. Ongoing active networking through the growing NZ CEREC dental community also greatly contributes to dentist’s knowledge and expertise.

Embracing digital technology causes an office to operate with its eyes wide open to the ongoing possibilities of better overall dental care at a greater value to patients. The CEREC dentist is the diagnostician, surgeon and lab. In other words, “the buck stops here”, as the saying goes. The CEREC dentist knows the intimate details of the dental situation start-to-finish and has infinite flexibility in producing an excellent result and in turn you get an aesthetically perfect crown individually designed and crafted for you.

Yes, the good dental labs in New Zealand and our milling unit use the same exact materials. The material of choice these days is Ivoclar’s Emax, GC Cerasmart and Enamic by Vita; strong, beautiful, accurate, great bonding strength and biologically healthy! Dozens of different materials are available for different applications depending on the individual requirements.

The answer lies in the concept of “minimally invasive”.  When a dentist is able to fabricate a restoration same-day and with infinite choices for the design of the restoration, the result is the preservation of natural tooth structure and an optimum bond of the restoration to the tooth.  Gone are the days of every cavity or replaced filling turning into a full coverage crown.  Instead, partial or minimal coverage crowns are the norm.

CEREC digital technology allows us to copy a patient’s existing teeth with amazing accuracy and precision. One application of this is when a patient presents with a tooth that feels and looks great but is decayed or fractured.  This can be surprisingly complicated under some circumstances such as, fixing one single front tooth perfectly, managing a super sensitive bite, fixing a tooth under a partial denture, maintaining a patient who clenches and grinds heavily, helping an Alzheimer/dementia/memory loss patient who needs rapid care with perfect results. By digitally copying all or just what we like about a tooth, we can then fabricate a restoration nearly identical to the original tooth.  This is impossible without digital copying using CEREC and has proven to be perhaps the biggest advantage that patients immediately recognize. With CEREC technology, we are also able to create implant crowns, dental bridges, veneers and fillings.

CEREC is made by Sirona. You can learn more on their website.