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Night GuardsPrevent teeth grinding with a professionally made dental night guard: quality and comfort at an affordable price

Teeth grinding (also known as bruxism in medical terminology) usually occurs at night during sleep. It can be exacerbated by high levels of anxiety or stress. Frequent, long-term teeth grinding and clenching will wear down the tooth enamel (hard outer layer) and can lead to oral and other health issues. If you’re waking up each morning with achy, sensitive teeth or a sore jaw, you could be clenching and grinding your teeth while you sleep. It’s a very common problem. To treat teeth grinding a custom made night guard is used while sleeping.

A night guard prevents your upper and lower teeth from coming into contact, lessening the effects of grinding and clenching. It does not stop the habit, but it allows your jaw to rest properly. This helps muscles relax, resulting in improved sleep patterns, too. Night guards also help you by preventing costly tooth damage. The habit of grinding and clenching can cause chipped teeth, damaged fillings, and excessive wear. Wearing a custom night guard offers effective and comfortable protection. It will not only safeguard your comfort, but the quality of your smile, too. Getting your own custom night guard requires two visits to the dentist. During the first visit, you will be examined and the necessary measurements taken to create the mould. If your guard fits perfectly in your second visit, you can start enjoying the benefits that night.

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  1. Prevents tooth damage
    The habit of unconsciously clenching and grinding your teeth while asleep can result in chipped or broken teeth, damaged fillings, or sensitivity due to excessive enamel wear. This can, in turn, cause expensive tooth restoration procedures or retreatment (for fillings). Wearing custom night guards can prevent this by keeping the upper teeth from coming in contact with the lower teeth, reducing the impact of teeth grinding and clenching and protecting your smile.
  2. Alleviate pain and headaches
    Cases of bruxism and temporomandibular disorders (TMD) are often associated with headaches, toothaches, and tooth sensitivity. The symptoms for TMD also include a sore or tender jaw, muscle fatigue, neck pain, ear aches, and spasms, among others. Wearing custom night guards can help to manage these symptoms and alleviate everyday pains and aches. Personalized guards can also be designed to align your teeth and bite, helping to manage TMJ-related jaw pain.
  3. Reduce tension
    Custom night guards are lightweight, comfortable, and practical for your specific dental concerns, helping to reduce any stress in your jaw joints and muscles. This in turn minimizes wear and tear and allows you to speak, eat, and laugh comfortably.
  4. Improve sleep patterns
    Wearing custom night guards helps to manage the symptoms of bruxism or jaw problems, minimize associated pain and discomfort, and improve your sleep patterns. A custom night guard can be used to position your jaw in a manner that promotes muscle relaxation. Reducing the stress in your jaw provides a sense of relief that allows you to sleep and rest.
  5. Prevent snoring
    Teeth clenching and grinding and jaw problems can affect your muscles and lead to breathing problems and snoring at night. Custom night guards can be designed to keep your jaws slightly apart to increase air intake and improve breathing while asleep.


  • Prevention of injuries – It helps to provide protection for the hard (teeth and jaw) and soft (lips, cheeks, gums) tissues of the mouth by way of absorbing and redistributing the forces generated by traumatic blows. Mouth guards can help prevent injuries such as lacerations to lip, cheek and chin, fractures of the facial bones especially the check bones and mandibles, possible permanent injury to the jaw joints, broken teeth, tooth knocked out and concussions.
  • Protection of dental work– The most significant benefit that a mouth guard can provide is protection against damage to teeth and dental work. When a blow is delivered to the mouth the forces of the impact are absorbed by the structures the blow lands upon. In the case of hard oral tissues such as teeth, a forceful impact can easily cause tooth fracture, result in tooth dislodgement, or damage existing dental work (dental crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, dental implants).
  • Comfort and Confidence – The custom made mouth guards will fit well and are comfortable to wear, and are least likely to interfere with speech or breathing. When you are well protected, it will enable you to be more competitive at your sport, because you can perform with the utmost confidence.
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